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Chay Ross, Artist, was born and raised in the surrounding areas of South Bay and Los Angeles California. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Arts Education from California State University, Los Angeles, which allowed her to train and study interdisciplinary areas within the arts and education profession. To advance her academic discipline, she went on to earn her Masters of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed.) and single-subject teacher certification in Visual Arts. In her spare time, she likes to do arts & crafts. She also likes to watch YouTube videos to learn various new skills.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Science of Teaching: Beginning Drawing. - by Chalon Ross

The science of teaching is universal to all subjects. For the purpose of this column, it will relate to art and will be broken down into several categories. The categories include (1) Teachers using a behaviorists approach. A behaviorist goal is to alter a person's behavioral patterns. This can be explained best in terms of conditioning students' work habits in order to complete the drawing assignment. (2) Making cause and effect learning connections. If a students moves ahead of the teacher, this may cause the student to do the task incorrectly. Whereas, if the student patiently waits for the proceeding step then follows along, it is highly likely for the student to have a positive outcome. This will be explained to students prior to the lesson in order to avoid any mishaps. (3) The teacher must use observable and measurable terms. Teaching using a scientific methods requires studying and methodology. Therefore, when teaching how to draw using a step by step approach, it is vital that students are familiarized with basic terms and symbols such as circles, ovals, and squares prior to the lesson in order to comply. (4) Teacher must use a step-by-step sequential process. The step by step method will be the final stage in teaching as a science. Once the processes previously mentioned are achieved, students will now be able to follow along with the teacher. The first step is drawing the main subject, followed by the middle ground and the background if applicable.

But hey, this is nothing new. In fact, in relation to the arts, this is the Gluck Method.

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