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Saturday, May 1, 2010

My 11y/o son "The Gugu" puts the city of HAWTHORNE on the map in one of his fictional short stories...

Getting Home from the Middle of Nowhere

By Derious Vaughn -

"Okay, this is your stop". He nodded, to the shady bus driver, "Yeah, thanks." He stepped the three steps off the bus as he thought of the last week; visiting his brother in Long Beach. "See you in my nightmares!" He baited as they parted. He looked around the place, and a single thought crossed his mind. "This is not Hawthorne." "Hey buddy, this is not my-,"but the bus driver already left.

He blinked. Did that just happened, did that really just happen? Did he just get off a bus with no idea where he was? He did a double take. Yes, apparently, he did.

Okay, the one thing that people should never do is panic in a situation like this, but that's the exact opposite what our Angel Santiago was doing at the time. Well, only if you would categorize him sweating bullets and shaking more than an earthquake panic. Yeah, I thought so.

"Hey dude, are you okay?" Angel turned around, and saw myself, a dark skinned 11 year old (he was very good telling age, much to his mothers dismay) wearing a blue sweatshirt and khaki shorts. "Yeah, kind of lost," Angel replied. I had a small grin on my face "Kind of? You look like you've never seen El Monte before." I extended his hand "Derious Vaughn, Midnight Prince." Angel shook it. "Angel Santiago, King of Midnight." I raised an eyebrow, "Looks like I have a little competition for the throne. So, lost?" "Yes, very much thank you. I live in a town called Hawthorne, have any idea were that is?" I tapped my chin thoughtfully."Hawthorne...Hawthorne...Oh! About a couple hundred miles west from here, tough luck." Angel turned pale. "A hundred miles?" What was he going to do! A hundred miles was too much on foot! "Do not worry, I am going on a bus there; to visit a sick relative." Despite the situation, Angel smiled. "That's a sad tale of woe buddy, very sad."

On the bus, me and Angel were not having a good time. A bunch of harry dudes were harassing us, a baby barfed on our stuff, and I was hungry, just to top it off. Luckily, I had some extra money to buy Angel a ticket, and the bus was already leaving at that, so we were out of breath when they finally caught up to the bus. We would of done better just walking. "God this sucks!" Angel said rather loudly. An ample amount of people gave him a volley of "Shhhhhhhs." . A baby was just born on the bus. That right, a baby. Everybody but us two were gathered around. When the evil bus finally stopped, we were the first to get up and out of there.

The good thing is that we were in Hawthorne, the bad thing is that it was almost nightfall. Hawthorne was a good enough town, at least when there is daylight. At sundown, all heck breaks loose. Both of us knew that. We looked at each other in mutual agreement. We would keep cool, stay low, and not attract any attention. We started walking into the night.

On our way, we got mugged five times, harassed six, and a couple of bruises around the face, but we made it. Finally we came outside a brown house. "Well Angel, see you later." I said as I walked off in a different direction. "W-wait,"Angel exclaimed"do you not want a ride home?" I shook my head,"I do not live very far," And that's all I said.

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