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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Studio Artist hate Graphic Artist.

There is no hard core scientific evidence to support this claim. I just noticed through out the years, mostly in high school and Jr. college,  most of my art teachers either made nasty remarks towards graphic design pieces, or they just didn't accept it from students at all. Keep in mind that times have changed and computers now play a significant role in creativity. But I still notice the separation between the visual arts and the artist as well.

My official major is in Arts Education at California State University, Los Angeles. This programs allows students to become a K-12 grade art educator utilizing the state of California Framework for the visual arts. This program also gives the students freedom to choose an area to focus on such as studio design or art history. Though I may be the only student to choose this option, I chose Graphic Design.

Since all students are required to take a little bit of everything, this is how  I ran into the issue once again. The issue being is that students who chose to do graphic design projects often had to incorporate some kind drawing or painting into their piece. Unless someone is just a hell of an artist, it is virtually impossible for the finished piece to be aesthetically appealing.
This only became a problem for me once I had to to a pdf portfolio for  Jimmy's class (the Simon Cowell of design, but in a good way). This was a big deal to me. I had nothing but paintings, graphite sketches,  charcoal and pastel work, and even watercolor pieces in my collection.  Maybe this does count for hard core scientific evidence that there is a little bias and favoritism in the art world. 

I have heard studio artist claim that graphic artist are lazy and all they do is move images and type around. Coming from a studio background, I have grown to appreciate what graphic designers do. What ever happened to art for art sake. I choose to diversify my artistry. I choose not to categorize myself. Plain and simple I am an artist.

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  1. This is totally true.
    My senior projects class combined studio and graphic design and I had somebody tell me that there was obviously a "real artist" in me wanting to come out, as if graphic design isn't "real art."