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Chay Ross, Artist, was born and raised in the surrounding areas of South Bay and Los Angeles California. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Arts Education from California State University, Los Angeles, which allowed her to train and study interdisciplinary areas within the arts and education profession. To advance her academic discipline, she went on to earn her Masters of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed.) and single-subject teacher certification in Visual Arts. In her spare time, she likes to do arts & crafts. She also likes to watch YouTube videos to learn various new skills.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Just thinking.. It's crazy that I came to a point in my life where I hope that there is a flyer with cool designs on my truck. As I walked up to my car, I found myself saying, "YES!" when one was left there as if I had won the lottery. It's not as if the design was all that spectacular, but it was of greater quality than usual. WHY AM I BLOGGING ABOUT THIS?

Just a few years ago, I took design for granted. I remember thinking that design comes straight from the internet and it wasn't anything special. I didn't even consider the fact that hard work goes into it. Yeah I know, that was an ignorant thing to say, looking back, but there are a bunch of people who still has a negative opinion not only about design, but about art in general. Boy, was I wrong.

Education has changed me. It's almost as if I am a politician who switched from republican to democrat, being that I am the artist who switched from studio arts to design. This explains why I have piles of different designs from posters and newsletters to dvd covers and clothes tags (hey some of them are nice, lol). This also explains why I pay more attention to the on-air graphics on TV rather than the actual show (CNN got it going on!). I'm not going to go on, but trust me, it got bad! It wasn't until I watched Joe Bautista's (Design Graduate Student/Educator, CSULA) presentation on his book about his life, that I thought, "maybe I'm not that crazy". He mentioned the vast amount of time he spends thinking about design. Does anyone else have any obsession stories?

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